• Dolby Volume for Volume Control

    • Built into TVs, set-top boxes, and other home theater equipment, Dolby Volume controls the volume level on everything you watch.

    • Dolby Volume Benefits

      • Volume Control

        Hear natural, clear, and consistent sound at any chosen volume when you use a TV, set-top box, A/V receiver, or other home theater component with Dolby® Volume.

      • Smooth Transitions

        The sudden shifts in volume level that can occur when commercials appear, or when you switch channels or input sources, disappear with Dolby Volume.

      • Low-Volume Sensitivity

        Dolby Volume ensures that the audio stays true to the original recording at any volume setting. Even at the lowest levels, you'll be able to hear softly spoken dialogue and background sounds.

      • Transparent Operation

        Without audible side effects such as distortion or the "pumping and breathing" associated with previous solutions, Dolby Volume operates transparently to enhance the listening experience.

      • Works with Any Channel Configuration

        Effective in surround sound, stereo, and even mono, Dolby Volume adjusts to any channel configuration you may be using.

    • Dolby Volume can make every listening experience better.

      • Solving the Volume Control Problem

        If you've ever been startled by the sudden roar of a TV commercial or found it difficult to hear the dialogue when you're watching a movie at a low volume, you're not alone. These are among the most common complaints of viewers everywhere.

        Dolby Volume is an advanced digital signal processing technology for controlling playback volume. It evens out the volume level and improves your listening experience. Once you choose the level, Dolby Volume takes care of the rest. No more unwelcome blasts from commercials, no dialogue suddenly too soft to hear, and no volume differences when you change channels or switch sources.

        The Unique Audio Signature

        Dolby Volume goes well beyond providing a single, consistent volume level. It also maintains the original sonic balance of the mix, which is especially important when you're listening on a surround sound system. At any level you set, Dolby Volume makes sure you always hear the balance the content creator intended.

      • Surround Sound at Home

        Experience crystal-clear surround sound on all your devices from home theaters to smartphones.

    • Dolby Volume for Professionals

      When incorporated into products like televisions and A/V receivers, or into a broadcast bitstream, Dolby Volume improves the listening experience.

      Equipment Manufacturers

      Dolby Volume distinguishes your products from the competition and offers consumers an effective solution to a common problem.


      Dolby Volume makes it possible for you to create a consistent broadcast in line with consumer demands and government regulations.

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