• Dolby Vision transforms your mobile viewing experience with dramatic imaging—incredible color, contrast, and brightness that bring entertainment to life wherever you go.

    • Make sure to use Microsoft Edge™ or Safari 10 for macOS™ Sierra or above to hear this in Dolby Audio.

      Learn how Dolby Vision makes your movies and TV shows spectacular.

    • Dramatic Imaging Wherever You Go

      • Ultravivid colors

        Many more hues across the full brightness range show everything from the most intense neon lights to the subtlest shades of flowers.

      • Deep darks

        A new level of richness and precision makes every scene look more real and nuanced.

      • Expanded contrast

        The much wider range of brights to darks more closely captures the look of the real world.

      • Astonishing brightness

        Brightness blazes from the screen while maintaining lifelike color and detail.

      • Refined detail

        Nuanced textures and patterns are visible on the screen through precise use of expanded color and contrast ranges.

      • Enhanced dimensionality

        The picture reveals more lifelike forms that have realistic shadows and crisp edges.

    • Try this simulation to reveal the dramatic difference that Dolby Vision can make on your smartphone screen.

      • HDR Wherever You Go

        High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging has changed the way we enjoy our entertainment. If you're like most people, you've come to expect sharp images with bright colors and good detail at the cinema and on your television.

        Dolby Vision takes imaging even further, with astonishing brightness, ultravivid colors, deep darks, and amazing contrast that let you see what you've been missing in movies and TV shows. Now it's possible to get that HDR experience on the one device you carry wherever you go: your phone.

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