• Escape

    The Sound of Escape

    • Sound is an integral part of the movie experience, and the film's sound design would need to convey the lead character's changing emotions as she faced the challenges of a dark, disturbing landscape and transformed it into a place of joy and delight. With her love of technology and her passion for the project, singer Imogen Heap added her amazing voice to a soundtrack that wraps the audience in Dolby Atmos® sound.

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    • "I really enjoy the challenge of working in a new creative space," says Heap, "feeling the music all around me and imagining the movement of the characters with the sound effects, and meshing them all together so that it becomes kind of one sculptural piece."

      A tale of invention and change, Escape demonstrates the powerful impact of Dolby technologies on the stories that filmmakers want to tell.

    • Escape

      In Escape, a lone space explorer crash-lands on a desolate planet and must find a way to make her new home habitable.

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