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  • Dolby Audio Brings Optimal Sound to PCs

  • The PC is as much an entertainment hub as a productivity tool, and at work or play, PC users want better sound. Dolby Audio delivers it.

  • Give Consumers Greater Entertainment Experiences

    Research shows that consumers demand better audio quality to match the high-quality video in their devices. Dolby has the solutions you need to meet this demand.

    We work closely with content creators, service providers, and device manufacturers to develop loud and clear audio solutions for headphones and built-in speakers. Our Dolby Audio™ solutions are scalable and powerful for product builds.

    Leverage the Power of the Dolby Brand

    Dolby Audio can help to expand your market penetration. Not only will you bring improved PC sound to your customers, you'll be helped by our strong brand recognition with entertainment enthusiasts and consumer electronics audiences.

    We are a leader in audio technology for cinema and home theater. Consumers are very aware of Dolby and favor our technologies. And Dolby decoders are incorporated into more than two billion Android™ and Windows® ready devices around the world. 

    Crisp and Clear Content

    The essential Dolby Audio technology in PCs is Dolby Digital Plus™. This scalable and flexible codec offers uncompromised, high-performance quality audio for live streaming and premium downloaded content. It enhances dialogue clarity and audio detail.

    Learn more about our complete developer information for Dolby Digital Plus for all platforms at the Dolby Developer website.

    Searching for Dolby Audio integration in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge? You’ll find what you need at the Bringing Dolby Audio to the Microsoft Edge Experience page.

    Custom Tuning for PC OEMs

    Dolby audio experts custom-tune each PC model to maximize the performance of its built-in speakers. We take the form factor, structural design, and speaker capabilities into account to enhance the speaker volume without distortion. The improvement is immediately apparent in the experience over headphones, through built-in speakers, or through connections to a home theater system.

    PCs with Windows 10 have the Dolby Digital Plus codec built into the operating system and the Microsoft Edge browser, bringing Dolby benefits directly to app developers.

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  • Seize the Audio Opportunity

    IDC research shows that consumers aren't satisfied with their mobile device audio quality. Be among the first in market to meet this need.

  • Great Entertainment Experiences with Dolby Audio

    • Content Creation

      The Dolby Digital Plus codec suits content creation for home theater, broadcast, and OTT. We offer tools for disc authoring, live production, and postproduction. Dolby metadata gives creators control over essential signal parameters, including dialogue loudness, dynamic range, and downmixing.

      Content Distribution

      Dolby Digital Plus greatly simplifies distribution preparation—it's the only delivery format to enable creation of a single stream that serves all devices. It also includes interactive stream mixing for adding secondary tracks within the single bitstream.

      For OTT distribution, the adaptive bit rate adapts on the fly to changing network conditions and loads. It also allows seamless ad insertion, and it provides home theater compatibility.

      Codec capabilities include:

      • Scalable bit rates from 32 kbps to 6 Mbps
      • 2-channel stereo delivery at 48 kbps
      • Discrete 5.1-channel surround sound typically at 192 kbps
      • Discrete 7.1-channel surround sound typically at 384 kbps
      • Support for adaptive bit-rate switching


      Dolby also works closely with silicon manufacturers to integrate Dolby Audio in next-generation chipsets, which provide OEMs a turnkey solution for easy implementation and faster implementation to market. (

      Be Ready for the Future

      The Dolby Digital Plus codec is integrated in the DLNA®, HDMI®, and UltraViolet™ standards to meet demand for HD audio. And as device and distribution capabilities expand, Dolby Digital Plus ensures that your PCs are ready.